Say hello to India’s first Hyperlocal food marketplace – FoodPulsar 

It’s the era of sharing! You’ve been socially sharing photographs, statuses and your take on everything-under-the-sun. Now, what if you can socially sell or share your food? FoodPulsar has made even that possible.

Bond Over Food

FoodPulsar is your new social food hub. Now, you can sell or share your culinary masterpieces with your neighbours with just a few swipes and clicks.


This local food marketplace, the first of its kind, even helps you manage your food wastage. When you find yourself with extra food while clearing your dinner table and you feel the pang of having to throw it away, go the FoodPulsar way.


Build a Local Business Network

Retailers, food outlets and farmers can sell their products on FoodPulsar, thereby building up their local markets with just a few quick taps on their mobile devices. So can individuals. Say you have some extra fruits or vegetables growing in your backyard that you would like to sell to your community, FoodPulsar is the platform for you.


Like buying local? Looking for your favourite food a few kilometers away from where you are? Wondering what foods are available in your area at 10 in the night? FoodPulsar is the app to turn to.


How To Use FoodPulsar

It is as easy as downloading the app, signing up and setting up a profile on the hyperlocal food marketplace. Whether you are an individual; or a small or large business, selling and buying through FoodPulsar is a breeze.

To Sell Food

Simply take a photo of the food you want to sell or share, upload it and add a brief description.

To Buy Food

Just search FoodPulsar’s food categories for what is available (on a deal or for free) nearby. When you find what you are looking for, book it.

How FoodPulsar Works?


A few clicks and your free user account is created.


Snap photos of the food item you want to sell. Make sure you frame all of it


Fill up all the details of your food item to be listed.
(Food Type, Deal / Free, Title, Description, Location, Quantity, Price, etc).


You can buy/list food items for a deal or even for free. Interesting, huh? 


Once the Ad is created/booking is done you can view the status in MY ADS/MY BOOKINGS tabs.


You will get a notification if someone books your ad and vice versa. All you have to do is accept the request and wait for the door bell/ phone call.
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