About Us

The simple idea of being able to share food with the help of technology is the thought that brought FoodPulsar to the app stores.


As we developed the platform, we found that it could be used to allow people and businesses to connect, communicate and network with the community. As such, it can now be used by individuals, farms and retail outlets to buy and sell food locally, without the help of a third person. A local economy is being built and strengthened in the process


FoodPulsar also has a non-food category that deals with items like seeds, plants, manure and compost for sale within the community.


Apart from enabling the sharing and selling of food, food products and farm produce, FoodPulsar is looking at tackling food wastage, one dish at a time. It is estimated that more than 40% of all food produced around the world goes for a waste. Now that we have FoodPulsar we can do something about that. As part of this initiative, we encourage businesses to sell or give away surplus food, cancelled orders and food items that may have a short shelf-life.


Along with attempting to cap the wastage of food, we pledge to create and uphold local economies. We are also devising plans to give back to the environment by adding more greenery in the names of our most generous sharers.


We have begun our operations in India and hope to extend our service to other countries in due course.


The FoodPulsar Impact

What our users — in the countryside, small towns and big cities alike — love most about FoodPulsar is the local market it creates. FoodPulsar aims at providing its users with ample opportunities to buy from the neighborhood and find local markets to sell their food items.


This unique social food-sharing platform also allows farmers and local food producers to sell their food items to local customers without having to depend on a middleman. We are certain that this will also boost local production of food, farm products and a growing list of non-food items that our neighborhoods can benefit from.

We plant trees

FoodPulsar is also looking at making an environmental impact. We are making arrangements to work with groups and organisations to plant trees marked with names of people and businesses who give away free food through our app.

Come, join us in this venture to build a local economy and a greener environment.