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A New Step in the Hyperlocal Food Marketplace

Organic and Non Organic

Humans are obsessed with wanting things. Earlier we wish something and we take efforts to work it out until it happens after a period of time. As the technology evolved, today we are capable of making a wish and fulfilling that in real-time. We are driven by a powerful character feature called instant gratification. A deeply driven desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without causing any delay. In other words, when we wish to have something, we are desperate to have it now. Now, what does the market need to follow in order to make this desperate wanting fulfilled? Answering this query has lead to the ongoing trend of hyperlocal marketplace. In the latest to follow the trend is FoodPulsar, the new trendsetter in the hyperlocal food marketplace.


Spreading its influence in the food marketplace is the hyperlocal nature of startups. The concept that marked its struggled inception in early 2015, has today become the trendsetter of the city life. As people needed instant gratification, the template-driven blanket marketing communications that asked people to enter the city name slowly faded away. They needed to bring the hyperlocal feature to warm the local markets. Today brands, particularly food chains needed to create local conversations and give them instant solutions. Turning hyperlocal enabled the brands to address the challenges, aspirations, and needs of the audience.


Hyperlocal stores are all around us and brands have been capitalizing a lot on the opportunity. Joining the list is the FoodPulsar – India’s first hyperlocal food marketplace to sell, buy and share food. In the era of delivering instant satisfaction, FoodPulsar is intending to capitalize on the food industry by bringing all the perks of local food sharing into one plate. By uniting the hyper-local audience such as a particular neighbourhood or a city lane, the application intends to create a local food sharing culture where every business enterprise and households are donating homemade food to the needy audience.


Besides delivering food items listed by households and stores, FoodPulsar allows its users to list generic food products either for sale or as a free listing. The end-users, who are in search of hyperlocal food supplies can find food parcels across the city’s lengths and breaths. Whether its food, groceries, household essentials or even medicines, the online food ordering app has listings of almost all the essentials needed for the community to meet their needs. With a blink of an eye, FoodPulsar enables the on-demand food delivery with ease. You can search and find local food within a matter of minutes from your neighbourhood. The localized food delivery operations at FoodPulsar will help in tapping the network of underserved vendors and service providers locally.


The main advantage of the hyperlocal food concept is to deliver food at lightning-quick speed and to address every customer request in real-time. On the sidelines of the fueling demand of hyperlocal concepts, FoodPulsar intends to seal the existing gaps in online food delivery and create a commendable user base of the local community. Our intention is to address the fissures in the hyperlocal delivery systems and have a better chance of tapping the market with more value in offing for the users.

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