How does Food Pulsar add great value to homely foods?

The concept of “Veetile Oonu” (Homely meals) has become so popular in Kerala, especially among the techy community residing and working in an around the urban areas. Even though meals are the most popular, today small eateries like brunches have also become their favorite obsession. Homely food has been one of the most interesting sources of income of the regional community. Simply we never demand it to come with boasting interiors, just serve it humbly in a banana leaf or any utensils, we just need it to take through an amazing gastronomical journey!

Now what made homely foods so popular over its counterparts? By using the right pinch of essences, a typical homely food achieves the right pace and mix when consumed. There is more value attached to homely food. There is no wonder why such branding is even enough to evoke a delightful and mouth watery emotion for Keralites or those who are acquainted with the typical Kerala homely food! Now from a business perspective, selling homemade food online has a lot of advantages. Let’s evaluate them.


Saves Money

Homemade food items are much cheaper than what we consume at other hotels and restaurants. When we sit and dine in a restaurant, we are paying not only for the food – we are collectively paying the enterprise for arranging the place, serving us with dedicated staff, the interior facilities like music, light, and AC. Typical homely food is charged low since it is devoid of all these factors.


Natural Ingredients

The nutrient quotient that comes while eating homely meals is significantly higher than what we receive in the market. The processed food that is served in hotels and restaurants tend to be higher on added preservatives and excess of sodium, fat, and sugar. Homely meals are definitely way ahead when it comes to offering great nutritional advantage since they mostly rely on natural ingredients.


Healthier Lifestyle

By cooking homely meals, you can adopt healthier cooking methods and find the right alternatives for unhealthy cooking ingredients. You have complete control of making the food with the right kind of oil without any trans fat or other harmful elements. Homely meals have a larger role to play in helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.


How to Share Food in FoodPulsar

  1. Download the app from  Android phone
  2. Register the application using Gmail and Phone Number
  3. Start listing your homely food simply and hustle free
  4. Get notified when you receive a buyer
  5. Share or sell your food item with the needy within your community
  6. Feel great that you have helped in saving this planet and made a neighbor’s day!


How to list Food in FoodPulsar?

  1. Browse the listings when new listings are added.
  2. View user’s profile and the location where you can collect the food
  3. Place your order within the application
  4. Feel great knowing that you have scored something worth and avoided a landfill!


About FoodPulsar

We all know the advantages of choosing homely meals over the other categories. But in the urban cities, most of us agree that it’s hard to locate an authentic meal service that has such added value over the typical hotels and restaurants, which supply foods with a high amount of preservatives and added flavours. But we would say there are enough sources of homely food available in plenty for all of us residing in the urban cities. Guess how? Take a look through your window. The community around you can help you have enough homely food. That’s where you need to know about FoodPulsar. FoodPulsar is an online food ordering app that connects users with their local community. Simply download and register the app on your phone and start sharing and accepting local homely food deals. The app lists local food and enables users to find it at the right time of need. Our intention is to add more value to your homemade foods or homegrown food products by selling or acquiring them in the need of the hour. We try to define a better perspective for communal food sharing by making them reach the needy before it gets expired.

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