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How Home-cooked Meals Can Help You Lose Weight?


The basic purpose of eating is to conceive the nutrients which are essential for our proper growth and metabolism. But how often do we keep this in mind while having food? Knowingly or unknowingly, we are always focused on indulging in the taste it delivers. In our evolving food culture, where junk foods are largely dominating the sector, we are not only failing to supply what the body needs but also torturing it with harmful junk foods. As a result, lifestyle diseases like obesity are carving the health out of our community. It’s time to take the road back and embrace the healthy eating culture of homely meals. The best online food takeaway app will make you understand home-cooked meals helps in curbing obesity. Before that, let us evaluate some of the findings that educate us to have homely food. 


  1. According to the journal of the American Dietetic Association, the chances of gaining weight increases considerably with one meal consumed as takeout.
  2. According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach Shilpa Arora’s statement, homely meals contain quality ingredients, which means they are virtually devoid of trans-fat, artificial sugars, and enhancers.
  3. According to a study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, people who eat more meals at home consume 200 fewer calories as compared to those who eat out on a regular basis.


Cooking and consuming homely food has several advantages that help in losing weight. Let’s find out how.

  1. Eating homely meals is one thing and cooking and eating homely meals is a different game altogether. While cooking, you can complete control over the ingredients used. This will help regulate calorie intake.
  2. Homely meals enable you to determine the portion supply. You might consume more food at hotels for simply being supplying too much. In the case of homely food, you can limit your portion of reducing calorie intake.
  3. Hotel foods are always processed with high sugar, salt, and fat content. Homely foods can be made within a limited quantity of flavours. You can also consider steaming, boiling or baking instead of frying to make it healthier.
  4. Restaurants or hotels choose to tempt us by offering highly processed foods. Imagine who would be inclined to choose steamed veggies when they have fried options like French fries? At home, you can cook the best and have the best.
  5. Cooking homely meals is a time-consuming task. By the time you begin washing the vegetables to making the dish, the cooking process could have diminished your hunger. Hence, you will be less inclined to have more and gain weight.


Maintaining a healthy weight is not the only advantage of consuming homely meals. It also helps you in;

  1. Saving ample money
  2. Bonding well with the family
  3. Improving cooking skills
  4. Maintaining a healthy body
  5. Developing a nutritional diet

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