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Kickstart Your Organic Food Lifestyle with FoodPulsar

Everyone understands the need for leading an organic way of consuming food. But little is the options available before the audience to choose organic food, which has minimal aspects of harmful contents, besides being best for both our health and environment. When we supply something good for us, and it eventually leads to the betterment of the planet – how cool is it? Living an organic lifestyle, in this regard, intends to respect and enjoy nature in its pristine formats. Now that Food Pulsar has launched, its time to feel the true essence of organic living in the cities. It’s time to experience the real perks of enjoying 
hyperlocal food and the values of communal food sharing. 


About FoodPulsar

Launched in 2019, FoodPulsar is an online platform that helps retailers and households operating in various sectors exchange organic food. Founded by tech evangelist Ajesh Nair, this hyperlocal platform showcases a varied catalog of food products including restaurant foods, household raw vegetables, fruits, poultry, and almost everything that a community produces. The application intends to develop a local self-sustained community that thrives on its own economic development. At the core idea of the application lies the dedication to serve the people with healthy and nutritious products, besides curbing hunger and food waste. In order to make it easier for you, we have put together some easy ways to start embracing organic living through FoodPulsar.


Access Staple food

Food is one of the impeccable joys of life. The joy is far more exciting when you know that you are consuming staple food passionately baked from garden to table. So start choosing local alternatives for your vegetables and groceries. Buy local food as soon as its harvested and prepare your delicious dishes as soon as you buy them. FoodPulsar helps you to access quality local foods faster than ever.


Access Local Producers

With the FoodPulsar local food app, you can easily locate the listed local producers. When you purchase food locally, you are contributing to the growth of the local economy as well. You are supporting the local community to reduce food wastage by timely addressing the issue of food miles. The application is allowing the users to help someone to find an income to sustain his/her family and bring economic stability to families.


Access Local Farms

A major chunk of the small scale farms in our locations cannot find customers after the food harvest. Through FoodPulsar, local farms and users can get up close to each other and purchase any local farm produce. Now start cooking the best of the recipes for your family, with a clear understanding of how delicious your dish would be. Local farms always ensure that you have fresh food round the clock and stay goodbye to the cold storage!


Access from Outskirts

Accessibility to organic food is a major issue for urban audiences. The sought after locations of the cities are packed with supermarkets, packed with sodas, sweets and junk food. Whereas the local farmers mostly are located on the outskirts of the city. After all, farmers need land for cultivating organic crops. With FoodPulsar, you can locate your food source from the nooks and corners of the city.

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