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Major Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Food

Buying homely food or locally made food has many secrets behind them. Most of us know the term (and what you know is absolutely right) but when we professionally define it, you might wonder a little bit. By giving ears to some of the perspectives about local food can remind you how important is to consume proper food. Food Pulsar, the best app to buy homegrown products forrges a venue where local food is sold and shared across the local community.


What is locally grown food?

The definition of locally grown food is subjective. It can be a food product that has grown within a range of 100 miles from the point of production and consumption. It can be termed as a predefined seasonal food that is produced within a regional community and sold within the community. It can be a regionally harvested or processed food product that doesn’t have to travel more, besides being sold from community-supported agriculture programs.


What kind of food can you buy locally?

Purchasing whatever food products are cultivated, harvested and processed locally in particular geography qualifies to become a locally grown food. The major categories of foods are vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, and even locally raised meats. Depending on the climate and demographics, a community can cultivate certain products, definitely not all. While some of the food products can be grown year-round, a majority of them definitely would be seasonal.


What are the health benefits of homegrown food?

Locally grown food has many health benefits. No wonder why consumers are even paying considerably higher for locally grown food and making it a staple part of the diet.

  1. Pesticide-Free – Since locally grown food doesn’t have to be transported longer, the farmers or producers are less inclined to use too many pesticides.
  2. Preservative Free – Since locally food doesn’t have to be transported long, they consume fewer preservatives during the transit.
  3. Improved Nutrition – What happens when food is devoid of pesticides and preservatives? It will be raw, genuine and edible with high nutrition value.
  4. Fewer Side Effects – Those who possess food sensitivities to preservatives, hormones and other chemicals can relive and have local food with complete delicacy.
  5. Improves Food Safety – With local food included in your diet, you can relive from a lot of concerns, especially with families consisting of children and seniors.


What are the environmental benefits of locally grown food?

  1. Preserves Farm Lands – The tiny land parcels of the community will be occupied with round the year cultivation, strengthening the bio-diversity of the locality.
  2. Reduce Food Miles – As locally grown food is consumed locally, there are fewer resources and fossil fuels burned by means of transportation.
  3. Genetic Diversity – By initiating small scale farms and habitats locally, farmers can create a strong biodiversity within the community.
  4. Better Accountability – When food products are grown locally, consumers completely understands the way food is produced, which delivers more accountability.


What are the economic benefits of locally grown food?

  1. Money in Community – With communities producing their own food products, the economic growth of the community will climb high.
  2. Promotes Farmers – Local farmers, who don’t have the financial stability to distribute food products, will get rewarded with better profit locally.
  3. Creates Employment – A lot of small/large scale job opportunities will be created in order to support the full-fledged local food production.


About FoodPulsar

Every business needs to find and reach their target audience. Especially food-oriented businesses, which have a time limit above which the food will deteriorate and become unable to consumption. In this fast-moving world, people are constantly seeking instant gratification. They needed solutions to their queries in real-time, paving the way to the rise of applications. Incepted in Kochi, Food Pulsar is one such application that allows you to sell and order freshly prepared homegrown foods direct from the farmers. Now start earning handy enough from your own kitchen or small scale local food production. Start listing your products and find your potential customer sitting idle at your home itself. You can also share your surplus home-cooked foods before its too late to be thrown away.
Download the app here and start selling and share your homegrown foods – Download FoodPulsar

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