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Sell Food Online, Right From Your Home


Sell Food Online, Right From Your Home

For years, decades and centuries, selling food was the sole business of a few professionals – caterers, restaurants, other eateries, and the likes. They cooked, baked, marketed and sold the food by themselves. Times have changed. The advent of digital technology has brought about nothing short of a revolution in the way people buy and sell food, just like everything else. Food apps have become hot cakes themselves and almost all smartphone owners have downloaded one. Now, you can get food delivered at your doorstep, no matter where you are. Restaurants and small businesses are ensuring steady sales by selling through these apps. 

Now, the good news is that the whole scenario has just got better. You needn’t be a cook, restaurant or any other professional to be able to cook and sell food. You can do it from the comforts of your very own home. There’s an increasing tendency the world over to switch to home-made food and you can tap the full potential of this trend. FoodPulsar is an online food selling app that lets you achieve this easily. A hyperlocal food marketplace based in India, you can easily sell or share your food via Foodpulsar. All you need is a working internet connection and a smartphone, you are all set to go. 

Who gets the advantage? 

Practically anyone can make use of FoodPulsar and reap all the advantages. Homemakers, retired professionals, students and even working professionals who wish to gain some extra income can all get the advantage of this platform. You need to have a keen business sense, frame the right strategies and have a mindset and will to take different initiatives.

Build a hyperlocal business network 

The specialty of FoodPulsar is that you can create your own hyperlocal business network using it. Just cook the dish you wish and post the same in the app. Customers from nearby areas will get to see it and can order it straight away. You get notifications of the same and all you need to do is wait for the customer to reach your doorstep and just deliver. This means that you won’t have the disadvantage of wastage because the customer is somewhere near you and can reach you in no time and collect the order. It’s instant and easy money, just for exploring your passion for cooking. 

How it works?

You could be an individual or an enterprise, FoodPulsar offers just the right avenue for you. It’s easier than you think. Just download the Foodpulsar app and set up your profile. Then straight away start selling your food items. Have a look at the process and go gaining now:

Create a User Account

A few clicks are all it takes. The app is ready on your phone. 

Upload a picture

Make sure to photograph a picture of the item you wish to share or sell. Then upload it. You can add a frame to it so that it would look appealing and yummy.  

Create an ad

Type down a short description of the item you want to sell. Fill up all the details of the product to be listed.
(Food Type, Deal / Free, Title, Description, Location, Quantity, Price, etc).

Check the status

Once it is up, you can keep a track of the same by viewing the status of your ad in MY ADS/MY BOOKINGS tabs. 

Get notifications

As soon as someone sees and books your ad, you will receive a notification. Accept the request and wait for the customer to be there at your door anytime. 

So how about setting out to make the most of your hobby and be thoroughly rewarded for it. Download FoodPulsar straight away.

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