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Selling Food Online – A New Prospect.


Gone are the days when one needed to go out to a restaurant, sometimes stand in a queue and wait impatiently looking around to get their favourite dishes. These days, any dish you wish for comes to your home in no time, from any nook of the city, no matter what. Online food selling apps have made it big in the food market and has revolutionised the way we dine. 


This has thrown open an all new market and infinite prospects for those who wish to explore the possibilities of the art of cooking. All you need is an internet connection and you can turn your passion of cooking into a lucrative profession by selling food online. You could be a homemaker, a retired professional, a student or professionals who wish to earn some extra money part-time – you now the option to start your own food selling business sitting at your home and be sumptuously rewarded. For instance, Food Pulsar is an online food selling app that lets you achieve this. Interested in knowing how? Then do read through. 

The Hyperlocal Food Market Place

The evolution of modern technology has literally brought the world closer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are now connecting to people from far and wide, but also within our immediate neighbourhood. There is an increasing tendency to find opportunities in the local market itself, driven by the power of the Digital technology. This is what propels FoodPulsar to be a unique channel to connect locally and earn through it. 


FoodPulsar is unlike the regular food marketing apps that you have in the marketplace. It is hyperlocal by nature – which means that you could instantly connect with people in your immediate vicinity and share, sell or buy food online. Just a few swipes and clicks, you can easily let your culinary expertise be known and make a living out of it. The advantage with this is that you needn’t be in a big marketplace amidst thousands of other competitors and end up with your case going unnoticed. Being hyperlocal, the ad will be viewed by people in nearby places and they get a chance to collect it quickly and fresh from you without having to wait for a long time. 

Food Pulsar is an app that can be used not just by individuals, but also retailers, restaurants and farmers who can find markets for their products in their immediate neighbourhood itself. This incredible app allows people and businesses to connect, communicate and network with the community. FoodPulsar helps create a local market so that you can sell your stuff directly to the customer without having to go through an intermediary and share a bulk of your profit with them. It’s direct, fast and lets you enjoy all the fruits of your hard work.  

How it works

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise, you can find FoodPulsar to be highly useful. Just download and set up your profile. And you can straightaway start selling  your food items. It’s simple. Just go through the following steps: 

Create a User Account

Just a few clicks and your account is ready. 

Upload a picture

Take a decent picture of the item you wish to share or sell and upload. Make sure to frame it. 

Create your ad

Create a short description. Fill up all the details of your food item to be listed.

(Food Type, Deal / Free, Title, Description, Location, Quantity, Price, etc).

Check the status

You can view the status of your ad in MY ADS/MY BOOKINGS tabs.  

Be notified

You will quickly get a notification when someone books your ad and vice versa. Just accept the request and expect the person to be there at your door. 


So how about setting out to make the most of your hobby and be thoroughly rewarded for it. Download FoodPulsar straight away. 

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