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The Perks Of Home Takeaway Over Hotel Takeaways


People today need instant gratification, and when it comes to hunger we need it as soon as possible. There are several apps to sell farm products online which caters to the need in real-time. You feel a distant hunger in your belly, you take your application and order a takeaway. Within a matter of time, the delivery boys will come to your doorsteps grabbing the bite you just ordered. Ordering takeaways are very comfortable and fun. But most often we are less inclined to order homemade takeaways. Instead, we prefer the usual hotel and restaurant made takeaways. Of course, they are the most tastier. But in the long run, it can be bad decision. Here are some reasons why you should follow homemade takeaways as well.


Homemade means healthier

Raw organic ingredients, healthier cooking, no added flavours, what more anyone could demand? Yes. Homemade foods are just perfect for our health. Meanwhile, a typical hotel takeaway will be processed with an excess of sodium, saturated fats, calories, etc. which, in a long run causes various lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetics, etc. According to surveys, an average homemade takeaway will have 1100 to 1200 calories, while that of a restaurant will be 1300 per meals. Next time when you look for an online food takeaway app, this is something alarming that we need to keep in the mind.


The surging prices of hotel food

The usual hotel takeaways have been priced up in recent times. The surging prices and the stiff competition among physical mortar stores and the online platforms have taken toll of the usual takeaways. Our orders have become costlier and alongside the quantity and quality of the food has become a long-debated issue. On the other side, homely takeaways are way cheaper compared to the homemade takeaways. In addition, we are also getting better nutritious value for our foods at cheap prices. It is time to open our senses and decide whether to pay more for junk food or get good food at affordable rates.


How you can avail of homely food?

If you have made up your mind or concerned about the issue, then we can bring forth a change that was inevitable. Online food platforms are plenty, but none of them are trying to advocate the sharing of healthy homemade foods across their platforms. Now if you are looking to follow a healthy eating habit, then FoodPulsar is where your search ends. Our online platforms collaborate with the local household takeaways to sell and buy organic foods across your community. All you have to do is download the application from the Android play store and register in the platform through an easy process. Search and find the takeaways in real-time within your accessible areas and eat healthy all through the day.


Why FoodPulsar?

FoodPuslar marks the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. We have organic takeaways as well as organic vegetables, fruits and poultry. If you are concerned about having high nutritional food with no chemicals and pesticides, then FoodPulsar becomes your choice for the rest of your urban life. We have tied up with local farmers and farms to supply enough healthy food needed for our community. Our operations are intended with the mission to forge a better food culture for India, where we are blessed with a lot of delicacies even the foreigners admire often. Let’s recreate what we were famous for – better food and better health.

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