You can add any food item that is edible. Yes — we mean it. FoodPulsar loves sharing all kinds of food and in any quantity. Be it cooked, raw, organic or baked, your goodies are welcome here. However we do expect our users  to follow some basic guidelines; like not selling items that are past its expiry date.

  1. No alcoholic items will be sold through FoodPulsar.
  2. Make sure your post includes all the specifics of your food item(quantity, expiry date, etc.)
  3. Respond promptly
  4. Only add foods that are suitable for consuming
  1. Always check the photos and the descriptions which the user uploads.
  2. Beware of the stock images as they can be deceiving and compromising in quality.
  3. Visit a user’s profile and check for the frequency of ads and the ad history.(Nobody will buy from a particular user if the food is stale!)
  4.  Note how the seller/sharer talks about the food. You might want to think twice about items from someone who seems to exaggerate about the quality of his or her product.
  1. We don’t entertain alcohol, drugs, animals, or any other illegal products to be shared through FoodPulsar.
  2. No decayed or expired food items.

FoodPulsar is available to anyone in India who has an Android phone (iphone users, please wait for a bit. We’ll get onto your phones, soon.), a net connection, some good food and a good heart to share!

Yes, you can share non-food items like plants, organic fertilizers, etc.