Our Team

Ajish Nair
Ajish Nair

Ajish Nair comes from a tech. and business background and is known in his social circles for his amicable nature, his energy and his innovative drive.


Ajish feels strongly about the wastage of food and FoodPulsar was conceived out of a commonplace experience. Seeing a lot of homegrown jackfruit lying around at home even after a good amount of it was given away to neighbors, was what first sowed the seed of FoodPulsar in Ajish’s mind. He wondered if something could be done to get the seasonal fruit to someone in need or someone who would like to have it. A few clicks on the world wide web and a bit of math later, the recipe to FoodPulsar took form.


Ajish is no starter when it comes to start ups. His entrepreneurial bent of mind and his leaning towards social communication made him found SocialPulsar, a data driven digital marketing company that has taken up a firm position in the search market.


He has also walked the hallways of several technology giants like Apple, eBay, PayPal in the San Francisco as a business intelligence expert.

Manu Vallayil
Manu Vallayil

Manu Vallayil brings with him a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and several years of experience in client relationship management, in addition to his love for life and passion for everything he does.

Being from an IT  background, Manu has effortlessly revealed his talents in programming,web development, android/iOS development etc. He Co-founded SocialPulsar and has been leading the sales of the digital marketing firm for a few years now.


As Co-Founder of FoodPulsar, Manu is on his mark and getting set to guide the construction of the local food sharing network and take it to its zenith. He hopes to strengthen and enlargen the FoodPulsar Community by encouraging people to lead a healthy and happy life. He is certain that this social food sharing platform will go a long way in contributing to the greater good.


Apart from building up his knowledge in IT, enhancing his business experience and keeping up with the market trends, Manu is on the constant look out for ways to serve humankind.

Advisory board

Vinay Chandran
Vinay Chandran
CEO, Spur Microwave, San Francisco, California

Strong believer that startups will be the core driver of innovation, economic growth, and job creation in the Digital Age. Tirelessly working to promote new business creation across the globe and the broader development of startup nations and a startup world.


Vinay is a dynamic leader, building strong, diverse, and motivated teams that continually excel through a relentless focus on execution.


Vinay founded Spur Microwave Inc ,technical distribution of Aerospace and Space Microelectronics/RF& Microwave components in San Jose ,CA in 2004 build the business as one of the leaders in the Industry and sold the business in 2017 to DTDS Technologies, Singapore. Aidin Technologies Pvt Ltd , Bangalore – Aerospace Manufacturing and Cryo Precision technologies (www.cryptel.co.in), Trivandrum -Aerospace mechanical fabrication are other ventures founded by Vinay.


Vinay holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communications from Mangalore University, India and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from St. Josephs college, Bangalore.

bala balakrishna
Bala Balakrishnan
CFO, OutForce, San Francisco, California

Experienced CFO with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Strong professional skilled in Accounting, Venture Capital, Tax, Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).