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‘Eat Better’ Resolutions Can Finally Come True


‘Eat Better’ Resolutions Can Finally Come True

A brand-new New Year was born a few days ago and the world also witnessed a host of brand-new New Year’s resolutions. Will lose weight, eat less junk food, go for healthy meals – there’s no shortage of them in every nook and corner of the world. Though people these days laugh at these resolutions that others make, what we need to understand is that there is some good intent to it these declarations. It’s a stride towards betterment. Being in a balanced, healthy diet not only keeps a check on your body weight, it also helps you lead a better life. It’s the secret to overall physical and mental wellness. 

That is why FoodPulsar believes that your ‘Eat Better’ resolutions should be treated with respect; the reason why we’re making full use of our platform to support these needs of yours. FoodPulsar is a hyperlocal food marketplace that brings you healthy food and grocery, FoodPulsar has for you a few tips on how to plan your meals for a healthier lifestyle. Here we go:

Breakfast is crucial 

Never ever skip breakfast. It is the meal that you take after many hours of fasting since last night. So skipping breakfast would only deprive you of your nutritional needs. Just watch out for what you eat. You can include yogurts, fruits, low-fat milk, and whole-grain cereals. 

Never skip meals and snacks

You have to eat when you need to or else you will feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. This could also lead to overeating later in the day. Have healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch and then lunch and dinner. 

30 minutes of daily activity is a must

Whatever you eat, the lack of basic activities will not keep you healthy for long. Just 30 minutes a day is fine and it need not even be at a single go. Make walking a part of your daily routine and make sure you do it for at least 30 minutes that day. It would help you lose some weight and improve your cardiovascular functions. 

Avoid sodas and sweetened drinks

It might be hard to hear it, but sodas and sweetened drinks are only doing harm to our bodies. These contain enormous amounts of calories and each of those calories adds up to your body weight. Drink water instead or add fresh juice to it. This helps you keep fuller, without having to consume unhealthy stuff. 

Include fruits and veggies

It is recommended that you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Make sure you have pre-cut fruits and veggies in your fridge so that you can quickly grab them whenever you feel hungry. They are easy, quick and highly rich in nutrients. You can season them with things like black pepper, lime juice or other herbs to taste better. If you wish to make a salad, sprinkle rolled oats or crunchy whole-grain cereal that assures added fiber. When you’re going for fruits, hand-pick a variety of fruits instead of picking a more quantity of one same fruit. This helps you get rid of the boredom of having the same stuff every day. 

Take snacks to work

You can bring healthy snacks such as pretzels, fruits and yogurts to your workplace so that whenever you feel like having something, you can safely and quickly take them. This helps you avoid unhealthy snack items from local eateries. 

Mix things

A combination of things would make every meal tastier and healthier. For example, if you want to have pasta, mix it with veggies and lean protein. It cuts back on the number of carbohydrates that you take through eating pasta and add healthier ingredients instead. 
FoodPulsar, being a hyperlocal food marketplace lets you quickly order healthy, home-made products from your nearby locations. Just download this online organic grocery shopping app, create your profile and wait for a notification from a nearby person who would post a dish or so. You can instantly place your order, and go and fetch it. To know more about FoodPulsar, check out our website https://www.foodpulsar.com/ and proceed to download the app. Wishing you a healthy life!

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